Sunday, September 14, 2008

Crazy Quilt Purse

This is another side of the small crazy-quilt purse. I used several pieces of silk doupioni from the RibbonSmyth Doupioni Silk Pack. Simple seam treatments using Buttonhole Silk Twist or 4mm silk ribbon, stitched with a Feather Stitch or a Herringbone Stitch, quickly cover the seams. I used torn pieces of lace and appliqued them onto the silk pieces. The torn pieces were the focal for adding small Mother of Pearl Disks, 4mm silk ribbon stitches,and finished with bead assortments. I used a Scalamandre curtain tie-back for the cording for the draw-string closure.

Crazy-Quilt Silk Purse

This is a an easy little 6"x7" embellished purse that will be great for the holidays!
Any-time a vintage look is desired when embellishing, add Mother-of-Pearl disks or beads among the ribbons, beads and trims. Our Mother-of-Pearl embellishments are from the 1950's and acquired in Japan. Stack a grouping together or randomly stitch among the silk pieces.


Another photo of our sunflower group.

Sunflower Petals

This Summer we planted a few sunflower seeds, placed in peat pots back in January, next to a pasture fence.

The on-going threat to their survival came from the little goats and the donkey. The sunflowers were mere "snacks" for our guys.


The following few photos feature sunflowers here at our farm. Since Nature is the ultimate design element, here are a few of Her Summer Stars!