Sunday, February 17, 2013

Terri's Vintage Needle Book Closed

This is the little needlebook that Terri created for me. The book is closed and secured with French wire-edge ribbon ties. It's such a delicate piece.  It will be enjoy and cherished.
Terri thank you. I am grateful. 

Terris' Vintage Needlebook Pages

As I opened the needlebook, Terri has filled a lace pouch with lavender buds. On the right side, she has added a needlebook page embellished with dyed lace. She created a small lace tie, complete with buckle, to hold the felt pages in place. Her color combination is one of my favorites. And the bits of lace are little works of art.

Terri's Vintage Needlebook

Terri  designed the most delightful needlebook made with sweet, vintage touches. What a surprise, filled with gratitude, when I opened Terri's gift. Terri has added little charms attached to lavender tatting as an accent. She's hand-dyed a rayon fan and attached that to one needle page. Next to the little lavender tatting, she has added a small emery pouch. The details are delicate. I will always cherish this special gift.

Vintage Ribbon Flower Sample Card

This was a Christmas gift from a dear friend. She acquired it from a Virginia antique store and believes it is a sample card from a salesman'sbook. Does anyone know how these flowers were created? By studying them, they appear to have been manipulated into a permanent shape. Very graceful and life-like. The leaves add a delicacy. The ribbon is a heavier fiber than silk. I think the ribbon is rayon. Would the  flowers  have graced lingerie or jacket labels?

New Vintage Rayon Tape Selections

Vintage Rayon Tape  dyed at this studio this week!
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Dyeing any fiber is  relaxing and quite the gamble. I dye fibers and fabrics intuitively and do keep formulas, but repeating the same dyelot is impossible. (It is difficult to dye pastel shades, because I prefer strong, rich colors.)  Maybe that is why I appreciate hand-dyed fibers. I know they are exclusive and elusive to "the moment".  I sell many yards of rayon tape to jewelry designers and artists. It would be fabulous to see a collection of their pieces.
All our dyed fibers are air-dried outdoors which means 98% of my dyeing is done in the summer. We had a day of warm weather last week and all these vintage ribbons spent their day drying under the sun. Can't wait for spring.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Pearl and the orchid

I have a new Nikon digital, that will need much use, to capture the shots that I "see".  I have no patience with an SLR.  It's intuitive for our cat to appear, when I am using the  camera. Here is Pearl, positioned in the background.

Blooming flower

The color "green" simply "undoes" me! I can't remember the amount of times, I've had my husband pull over, onto the side of the road, so I could capture a photo of the "greens", no matter where we travel. Depending on the time of day, the amount of greens multiply. I cannot pronounce the name of this plant. I do know this photo will make a beautiful watercolor. The bloom will continue to grow and drop several inches below the leaves and then burst into the most "lily-like" blossom. The color should be in the orange/bronze family, my favorite shade.

Pussy willows

There is something about having pussy willows, in the winter, that validates Spring will arrive. My luck in growing pussy willows, is the same talent used in growing orchids.

Tiger Lily Orchids

I do not know the proper name of these orchids. The beauty of any orchid is "felt". Words are inadequate. Keeping them alive, I fail.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Shell Heart for Valentine's Day

Mother Nature's gift for Valentine's
I saw this opened shell on the beach at Sanibel Island.
It is simply the perfect composition.
Happy Valentine's Day!


Shells ~ mesmerize some of us for a lifetime ~