Tuesday, April 19, 2011

FiberFusion Collar

Matilde is posing with her new RibbonSmyth FiberFusion Collar. Great thing about using the Rayon ribbons for the collar ties is that you can adjust the length of the collar. Now to create FiberFusion yardage in a variety of colors for more collars!

RibbonSmyth's FiberFusion Collar

This is a close-up of a Collar I made using RibbonSmyth's FiberFusion and Solvy. It's a project for an upcoming class. I used  RibbonSmyth Monet RibbonRuffles among the collage and RibbonSmyth Rayon Hand-dyed tape in the Mermaid colorway for the collar ribbons. I've added wire-wrapped sea-glass, objects I keep scouting for my friend Leonie's Tryptich! I've added small vintage Czech cabochons. These cabs are from the 1950's and I have them on the RibbonSmyth site. They are rarely purchased, which is a shame as they add such a punch to any piece! They are one of my fav design elements and I use them on my beaded cuffs. I then added a vintage Austrian Stag button and a St. Christopher medallion from New Mexico. Above that I added a flower harvested from a 1950's hat. The flowers are great to use whole or tear them apart. I've used vintage milliner flowers for years in my embellishing and they add allot of dimension to any piece. I will post pics later of a matching cuff I made as a companion piece. It's the simple pieces I appreciate the most because they can be finished in a limited time.

Silk Ribbon bouquet with Calla lilies

This is a bouquet I created many years ago when I was designing patterns for Bucilla Corp. Christi was asking how to create Calla Lilies, so this pic is for her! This piece shows a few calla lilies and the use of 2mm silk ribbon to create violets and dianthus. To make a Calla Lily make a Japanese Ribbon Stitch in 7mm ribbon and pull the stitch to allow the ribbon ends to fold into the center of the ribbon.  6 strands of cotton floss were used for the lily center, by creating a straight stitch. And of course, RibbonSmyth carries the silk ribbon and buttonhole silk twist, used in this design. This piece was stitched on linen. The design was created free-form without sketching a design onto the linen. The linen is a lighter weight and is not my fabric of preference since the dark silk ribbon colors can be seen on the back of the fabric. This piece was framed with a mauve oval mat.

FiberFusion Collar

Friday, April 15, 2011

Artistic Fashions in Cloth - Columbus, Ohio April 28th

"Marie"  Designed by Stephanie Novatski at

If any of you are in the Columbus, Ohio area, we hope you will have a chance to attend this show. It is a super event showcasing amazing dolls and talent. The show occurs every other year and this year it is at the Double Tree Inn from April 28-May 1st.
Stephanie and I will both be in attendance.  Stephanie will have some of her dolls and patterns for sale. I will have my vendor booths filled with ribbons, dyes and trims.

"Marie" features RibbonSmyth Fiber Fusion hair and the trims on her luscious gown are dyed using RibbonSmyth's Rainbow Dyes.

Stephanie is one of the most talented women I have ever met. She was the first place winner in the recent Hoffman Challenge with her doll - "The Dragon Slayer". She is a generous, dear friend that is always ready to share her talents. She has helped enormously with the ArtBra foundation over the years. Her ArtBras have consistently been the hit of each exhibit. And her doll patterns are popular; filled with detailed instructions.
To celebrate the Royal Wedding, we will be wearing our Tiaras!

Vintage French Crown

Here's a side shot showing a bit more detail of this lovely crown.

Antique French Crown to commemorate the Royal Wedding

Isn't this a lovely crown? Even with missing stones, and a bit bent, it is one of my favorite pieces. I would think this piece is turn-of-the-century. When I was on a book tour in London many years ago, I spent a day in Covent Gardens. While wandering through floors of antiques, I found this piece.  I was told that it was a French piece. It is made from stamped brass. The crown is adjustable and would probably have been used for a  first communion service. 

Vintage Crown Pincushion

With the Royal Wedding arriving soon, I had to post a couple of crown photos!
This is a large 8 inch pincushion that I found many years ago in the Philadelphia fabric district. It is very heavy and the metal is a brass color complete with stones. The red velvet is studded with pearls and very old pins.

Vintage Religious Lithography

Here is another print that has beautiful colors and a lovely frame to match. I would think the print was created in the 1930's. Perhaps the language is Polish. What intrigued me about this print was the combination of the cherubs and the cottage. I  think the words offer protection to the family that resides in the cottage.

Vintage Religious Dedication Watercolor

Isn't this a stunning watercolor? I cannot imagine the hours it took to create this beauty. The pencil sketch lines can be seen beneath the watercolor. I found this religious artwork, while wondering down a country road in the Lehigh Valley when we first moved to Pennsylvania from Texas. I believe I paid $3.00 for this piece. On the back is an inscription stating the piece was designed as a gift for the minister of the church.

Vintage German Lithographs

I've never met a vintage, antique print I did not like!  I  am intrigued with the beautiful prints and lithographs that commemorate important passages in our lives. Many of the pieces I collect are written in German or perhaps Polish. These pieces are hanging in one of our bathrooms.

Birdhouse landscape with silk ribbon

This is one of my designs that features beginner silk ribbon embroidery stitches. This pillow was created many years ago. I have it "resting" in a chair in my kitchen. I continue to think pillows are the perfect design accessory!  

Elements Hand-dyed Rayon Tape

This is a new colorway called Elements. Each package has 3 yards, one yard each of hand-dyed rayon tape and 7mm rococo lace. When I dyed these fibers, I wanted to create a combo that could be used for earthly landscapes or for marinescapes. Can't wait to be able to work with these fibers!

Vintage Crazy Quilt Strip Design

Isn't this a great pattern?

Vintage Crazy Quilt Strips

This is a photo of the front and back of an unfinished crazy quilt. The fabrics are silk. Each strip is approximately three inches in length and a half-inch wide.

Vintage Crazy Quilt Squares

This crazy quilt is made with small squares and has a 6 inch pink silk border. It would fit on a twin bed and is unfinished. Most of the fabrics are silk.

CQ Brown Basket Pattern

This is another basket block created in brown silk. Even though the fabric is in poor condition, it is great to see different antique fabrics. This crazy quilt would have covered a twin-size bed.

Vintage Crazy Quilt Basket Block Design

Isn't this a great pattern? A friend recently gave me two Pennsylvania Victorian crazy quilts that have been in her basement for decades. The quilts are not finished and the fabrics used are silk. The silk has shattered and the quilts are in tatters and very fragile. Hope this block inspires.
The block is approximately 14" square. Will post more block pics.