Tuesday, April 19, 2011

RibbonSmyth's FiberFusion Collar

This is a close-up of a Collar I made using RibbonSmyth's FiberFusion and Solvy. It's a project for an upcoming class. I used  RibbonSmyth Monet RibbonRuffles among the collage and RibbonSmyth Rayon Hand-dyed tape in the Mermaid colorway for the collar ribbons. I've added wire-wrapped sea-glass, objects I keep scouting for my friend Leonie's Tryptich! I've added small vintage Czech cabochons. These cabs are from the 1950's and I have them on the RibbonSmyth site. They are rarely purchased, which is a shame as they add such a punch to any piece! They are one of my fav design elements and I use them on my beaded cuffs. I then added a vintage Austrian Stag button and a St. Christopher medallion from New Mexico. Above that I added a flower harvested from a 1950's hat. The flowers are great to use whole or tear them apart. I've used vintage milliner flowers for years in my embellishing and they add allot of dimension to any piece. I will post pics later of a matching cuff I made as a companion piece. It's the simple pieces I appreciate the most because they can be finished in a limited time.


Deanna said...

Very unique - beautiful! - Deanna - Skinfizzical.com

Victoria Adams Brown said...

Deanna, thank you!