Sunday, December 27, 2009


Recently, while at a trade show, I was visiting with a British lady that lives in Connecticut. Joan was intrigued with a basket I had filled with Milagros. Milagros are small silver charms available in a variety of shapes and each shape has a special, sacred meaning in the Spanish culture. For example, a Milagro in the shape of a heart would be attached to a wooden cross, at the local cathedral, and a prayer would be said for a loved one experiencing heart/health issues.

I use Milagros in my design work and had a few for sale. Joan purchased all the small,silver charms. Since she had never heard of them; I asked how she would use them. She said they would be hung on her Christmas tree this year. She then shared this story.

It was 1940, and Joan was a young girl living in the heart of London. Her Mother had told her there would be no Christmas celebrations, no tree, no holiday lights that year, due to the Blitz.

On her daily walk to school, Joan noticed a small tree and decided this would be her Christmas tree. She would pick up cigarette wrappers, and the inside foil wrappers would be twisted into small butterflies. Broken spoons and any other shiny found “bits” also became ornaments for the tree.

Dusk on Christmas Eve, found neighbors in the community gathered around Joan’s decorated tree. As Joan and her family took in the beauty of the small tree, the air-raid sirens began. Joan’s Mother hurried her family into their shelter, the center of their living room. Huddled in their home, in the dark, while the bombs fell, the family began to sing “Silent Night”.

This year Joan’s family’s Christmas tree will be trimmed with beautiful glass ornaments, Milagro charms and small “foil cigarette wrapper” butterflies.

Wishing you a Happy, Healthy 2010.

Vickie Brown

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Blog Winners! - Chanel's Lapels detail shot

Our latest Blog winners are: Cathy Kizerian, Janet Chan and Grace Wong. We have been making gift bags for blog winners and we need your addresses! Thank you for signing up!

Next blog give-away will be announced November 29th
The photo in this post is a detail shot of an ArtBra I designed called "Chanel's Lapels". The story with the ArtBra is a tribute to Coco Chanel!

Dress it up Challenge - Please Vote!

This is a Dress-It-Up Challenge Dress submitted by Debra Bopp.

Please vote by simply leaving a note, even if to say "Hi" and your note counts as one vote. The votes will be tallied November 28th and announced on November 29th. We have two entries and both are adorable.

The Challenge kit included RibbonSmyth copyrighted pattern, a wooden hanger, five pieces of fabric, yard of wire-edge ribbon, purple satin butterflies, sequins, beads, silk ribbon and floss. The kit components could have additional elements added within the design.

Thank you for voting!

Dress it up Challenge - Please Vote!

We have two entries for our Dress-It-Up Challenge. We shipped over 30 kits and the two women that completed the challenge are both winners!
Their designs are adorable. The prizes are a $100 Gift Box for first place and a $50 Gift Box for second place. And your vote will award the prizes!
Please make a comment, even to say Hi! for one of these adorable dresses and the tally will be taken the week-end of November 28th and announced November 29th. Thank you for voting!
This dress is designed by Rengin Yazitas of Istanbul, Turkey.
She used the components from the Challenge kit and added additional

Friday, September 4, 2009

Labor Day Sale at Ribbonsmyth 20% Off

Everything is on Sale ~ 20% off Labor Day Savings!
We are feeling fall in the air here at the farm, and that means what will we begin to create for holiday gifts! I have a Christmas Tree Crazy Quilt Skirt that I so hope gets stitched in time for my Mother's tree! I can see it in elegant shades of burgundy and gold velvets with one of the fringe trims that I've saved for a special piece. Now where to find the time to make this a real gift and not just a vision!

So gather a few ribbons and vintage images for those holiday gift "visions"!

Featured is one of my Altoid tins that I created with a vintage image on a base of doupioni fabric and edged with 7mm silk ribbon French knots and hand-dyed Venice motif. The pattern is available and features a little velvet pincushion on the inside. I finished this piece by adding little legs to my tuffet case. To easily embellish the sides of the tin, I glued rococo lace around the tin.

In November, please catch my article featuring a variety of my embellished tins in the November issue of CQ Mag.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Memory Cushion

This is a Memory Cushion I designed for my aunt, to keep her company while she is in the hospital. This is a pic that was taken in the 1940's of her only child. Her son is now buried in Arlington Cemetery and this pic captures his sweet spirit. I designed the pillow in two sessions of stitching. I stitch late at night, when it is quiet and no disruptions. I like the silence, my Ott light and the indoor critters around my feet!

I've made many Memory Cushions. Without a doubt, a cushion can be made for any occasion. Among many of my collections, I collect fringe. I find fringe wherever I travel and if it's more than a yard, it comes with me. I love dyeing rayon fringe to create a vintage look. If a fringe puts you off by it color, buy it anyway. I picked up a gorgeous silk fringe in a horrible orange color, in a second-hand store in Surrey, England a few years back. I dyed it and it is now the most beautiful crimson/bronze and waiting to be stitched to a cushion.

I print photos onto our cotton fusible fabric, which I love. It does not fade and because it is fusible, there are no puckers when stitching down the image, because the image is ironed to the base fabric in a couple of seconds. I then tack down an ivory trim around the photo.

I have a small stash called "Private Collections" of specials buttons and beads that have meaning to me. I stitched a Civil War button in the top left corner, taken from a 19th Century Salesman's Sample book. I know the book would be worth more intact, but I bought the buttons to use.

After I tack down the button, I added a few silk ribbon stitches and then added a few glass pearls that I picked up in a French flea market in Paris. My favorite flea market and I haunt flea markets! Then continued to fill in with ribbon embroidery stitches. I like any ribbon embroidery packed together, no "wandering" flowers. I finished with a bit of feather stitch using RibbonSmyth's variegated silk twist (which is killer to work with) and then added a few copper rondells I picked up in New York.

When working with silk ribbon, only use three or four stitches. This gives the piece uniformity and the stitching goes quickly. I used a bullion lazy daisy, lazy daisy french knot, frilly flower and a few loops using all our variegated bronze 4mm silk ribbons.

After the embellishing was finished, I fused a lightweight fusible to the back of the silk. Really important step for your piece and then finished the assembly. I used one of our vintage images and wrote a note to my aunt and then fused the image to the pillow back, signing the piece with a name, date and county where the piece was stitched,adding her name and location.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Dress it Up Challenge!

A New Challenge ~ just in time to win a $100 RibbonSmyth basket filled with embellishments, fabrics, ribbons and trims for holiday creating! 1st place - $100, 2nd place - $50 gift basket, 3rd place winner - $25 gift basket. Purchase your Dress It Up Kit, submit your entry via jpeg no later than September 13th. Winners will be voted on from our newsletter members. Entries will be posted on our blog and votes tallied from our blog comments.
The finished piece is approximately 3 1/2"x 8 1/2". Sign the piece on the back and use as an upscale post card art. Would make a great gift. The kit includes: doll hanger, interfacing, dress pattern, wire-edge ribbon, 2 yards silk ribbon, cotton floss, purple sequins, purple satin butterflies, RibbonRuffles, green silk organza fabric, brocade fabric, purple moire fabric and purple satin fabric.
Kit - $9.95

Embellished lace Stocking

This is a sample of embellishing one of our red silk velvet stockings we have in our Outlet Store at RibbonSmyth. I've used a variety of 19th and 20th century lace that I gathered wherever I can find lace! I'm a lace junky. Finished with a a gathered rose using our French red wire-edge ribbon. I have a special affinity for this ribbon as I purchased it while sitting in a chair in the middle of a Paris street, while my ribbon vendor pulled spools of ribbon made in local villages, for me to select. What fun! He even brought champagne to sip while I shopped!
I added a simple 65mm ivory silk bow from our 65 mm silk ribbon selections, stitched a small feather stitch gold silk twist and added ivory 4mm silk loop stitches and embellished that spray with crystal seed beads. Finished by adding some Czech 1920's buttons. These beautiful crystal buttons have such sparkle and come with a glass shank on the back. They make stunning focal pieces. More of these stockings will probably end up on our etsy site.

July Blog Giveaway sign up at this post!

Isn't this a fabulous chair? I took a pic of this chair at ABC Carpet in New York. One of my favorite spots for design ideas. I would love to take an old chair and embellish! The price for this beauty was astronomical. Hope it inspires!

Please sign up at this post to be entered into the July blog give-away. Three winners will be announced first week in August. Please enter with your email address! Must have that email address. A simple "hello" is great for your entry! Entries that won for the June Blog Give-Away are: Jackie, Shari and Marianne. Each winner will receive a packet of fabrics, fibers, buttons, embellishments and a variety of "fun" stuff! Mucho thanks to all of you that visit the RibbonSmyth Blog. Hope to continue to add items that may inspire. My sincere gratitude to each of you that visit the RibbonSmyth studio and for your inspiration and kindness!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Side Yard at our farm

This is a shot of a small garden area in our side yard. It borders a small pasture for our goats. I'm crazy about the different shades of leaves and variety of trees. The metal fencing is Victorian and was salvaged from a Victorian home on the Main Line in Philadelphia.

Clemantis around the farm bell

Another shot of our farm bell with the barn in the back-ground. Our barn is a typical Pennsylvania Bank Barn. It is three stories tall with stalls for the animals on the first floor. The RibbonSmyth Studio is on the second floor. In the front of the barn is a bank of land, thus the name bank barn, where farmers would drive their tractors into the second floor of the barn and store hay on the third floor.
There are few bank barns left in Bucks County. Due to their age, most burn down. When we bought the farm, the second floor was a basketball court, built for the previous owner's sons. We renovated the second floor to accomodate my studio. And the barn is haunted...

Clemantis around farm bell

Every summer I am in awe of the purple Clemantis that grows around our farm bell. It doubles in size every year.


This is Pearl at 6 months. She be the princess! She is sitting in her favorite spot waiting for someone to come through the door. She greets us, as we come in, by standing on her hind legs with her front paws on our legs, letting us know that she needs to be picked up!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Silk Ribbon in Basket Kit

This is a simple silk ribbon beginner kit that I've added to the RibbonSmyth website. We continue to receive requests for kits and I thought a kit with a hand-dyed Venise basket filled with silk ribbon flowers, would be great as a beginning piece. Only three silk ribbon stitches to complete the kit! Simply baste the basket to the fabric and then add the silk ribbon flowers, add a little sparkle with beads and finish with green cotton floss to give the basket a bit of dimension. And all the ingredients are included in the kit!
The key to beautiful silk ribbon stitches is...keep those stitches loose and always keep your straight stitches or Japanese Ribbon Stitches, short in length!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Wall-hanging with mini collages

In July, CQMag will feature an article about my studio, one of my curved piecing methods and a finished three-block wall-hanging. The following collage pics are some of the mini-collages within the wall-hanging. When the article comes out, will post the links! This collage features special mother of pearl "bits" given to me by Barbara Blankenship and they offer great memories of our shopping venture in New York. I've twisted assorted colors of rayon cord with loops and knots to allow for small vignettes for beads and seed beads and RibbonSmyth's mop Japanese discs. Too much fun!

Wire-edge Roses and Rayon Trim

This small collage features RibbonSmyth hand-dyed 13mm Vintage Rayon Tape twisted over and under other rayon tape. Rat tail cord is twisted among the tape and tacked down with RibbonSmyth Vintage Japanese Mother of Pearl Discs. Then I made two small wire-edge burgundy rose buds and tacked them among the rayon tape. I added 7mm silk ribbon Ribbon Stitches in color # 1201124 and finsihed with beads and RibbonSmyth small gold brass dragonfly and bee charms.

RibbonSmyth Rainbow Dyed Lace Motif

I love dyeing lace! This wall-hanging features bits of RibbonSmyth Rainbow Dyed lace through-out the wall-hanging. The lace adds dimension, texture and color on top of printed or solid fabrics. The piece featured here was probably dyed 10 years ago. I dye scraps, bits, yardage and then keep them all in a plastic bin to use someday! This little piece would have been dyed with Antique Gold, Cinnabar and Topaz, undoubtedly some of my favorite dyes color combos. Love this color combo on top of purple, maroon, hot pink or magenta fabrics.

Mother of Pearl Button Collage

This collage features a 1 1/2" Mother of Pearl button that I make at the Studio. This button features vintage Kimono fabric and then I anchored it with sequins and seed beads. I stitched a few rows around half of the button using sequins assorted beads I found at a Puce (French flea market) in Paris. To create movement in the wall-hanging I used a variety of rat-tail cords knotted, and RibbonSmyth Rococo Lace in Victorian Rose Gold.

Mini Collage with Sequins

I am a huge fan of sequins! After seeing the use of Sequins while earning my Couture embroidery certification at the House of Lesage in Paris, I became intrigued on how sequins enhance any piece of embroidery. This is a small collage using a turquoise crystal "fish" (marquis rhinestone) a turquoise glass Czech button, Asian enamelled bead, button, lampwork flower gifted to me by Leonie Hartley-Hoover and then a few bronze glass nailheads all tied together with little flower sequins meandering among the grouping.

Silk Ribbon Stems

Here is a quick and easy method for creating stems for our silk ribbon flowers. The flowers are "fantasy flowers" meaning I make them up as I go! I used RibbonSmyth 7mm variegated silk ribbon color #1201124 and just created a few straight stitches. This ribbon color is one of my favorites, as this color goes with everything! I selected a moss green silk ribbon in 4mm for the stems. Make the two flowers, then bring the 4mm green silk ribbon up through the fabric at the base of the flower and twist the ribbon tightly. This creates a great stem. Couch the stem with champagne Nymo and take the ribbon through to the back of the fabric and tie off. The pic of the silk flowers are a bit "squished" by the scanner, so the dimension cannot be seen. I added small metallic seed beads at the top of each flower. I made the little metallic rose medallion out of polymer clay and tinted with pearl expigments and then added a bit of our gold glitter on top of the pearl-ex. I placed that inbetween the two flowers to create the collage.
Sprayed the polymer clay with a light coat of acrylic spray.

Monday, June 1, 2009

June Blog Give-Away ! Sign up now!

June Blog Give-away ~Simply leave a note to say "hi" and be sure to include your email address in the comment section of this photo. We will select three winners and announce the winners the first of July!

May Winners - Noel, Di and Sandy! Packages will include: ribbons, fibers, trims, buttons and bits of fabric - Compliments of RibbonSmyth! We will do a monthly blog-give away for the remainder of 2009! It's our way to let you know how much we appreciate your visits to our Emporium!

This is a photo taken at Tinsel Trading featuring bits of German glitter pieces.

Rayon Tape and Rococo Embellishments

This is another WIP waiting for more silk ribbon embroidery!
The seam treatments for this block feature RibbonSmyth's hand-dyed rayon tape and rococo lace. Our inexpensive $1.75 combo packs offer fibers that can be used in a variety of techniques. In the center of the block, I ruched the hand-dyed rayon tape and tacked it to the fabric seam. In the top right corner, I gathered one edge to make a flower and added some small buds made with the same tape. In the bottom left corner, I covered one seam with the rococo lace and then added sequins on top of the lace. I gathered one side of several rococo lace pieces to make small rosettes and then added seed beads to the center of the rosette. Among the floral bouquets, I added vintage brass dangles and vintage czech peridot glass flowers. I worked with purple and moss silk fabrics and added apricot variegated silk ribbon, color #112 and ivory 4mm silk ribbon. Sequins were added throughout the block. Now to add more silk ribbon work to tie all the elements together and to create movement among the block. It looks a bit sparse!

Mother of Pearl Necklace

This Mother of Pearl Charm Necklace was fun to make using RibbonSmyth 1950's Vintage Japanese Mother of Pearl Disks strung onto a crocheted collar. Barbara Blankenship graciously crocheted the collar and then I added the Mother of Pearl disks using all the shapes we carry on our website. When I finished, I decided to add more of the small round disks in-between each of the larger shapes. I made the focal button using a 1 1/2" Mother of Pearl button and a piece of vintage kimono fabric. I mostly use the Mother of Pearl disks as embellishments on crazy quilt blocks, purses and wearables, but this application really shows off these great buttons. And when this is worn, it makes a soft tinkling sound, just like wearing a charm bracelet!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Blog Winners

All you have to do to enter ---is leave a comment, even to say hello is great, but leave your email addy in your comment, OK? Good Luck...
We have blog winners from the April Give-away. I've selected three email addresses and will continue to offer a blog give-away each month. Please be sure to leave your email address with this posting for the May give-away. We will announce another blog winner May 25th.
Again, really need those email addys to enter the drawing.

The winners are Patricia Morello, Tatting Chic and Gail M. You all will receive private emails requesting addresses. Your packages of goodies will ship the week of May 5th. This is a small way that I can express my gratitude for your visits to the RibbonSmyth Emporium.

The block featured in this posting was designed to be visually pleasing no matter what direction the block was placed. It is still a WIP needing silk ribbon work and additional embellishing but I really like using Taupe, Burgundy and Cinnamon together. I've used as a centerpiece, a beaded lace sample from a Paris Couture house, that was scavaged by dumpster diving. Or that is the story I was told when I was in La Bourboule. Again I used raw edge applique and burned the edges of some of the silk pieces. At the farm, in our farmhouse, we have a new two-story back staircase that is in need of major decorating. Never met a wall filled with vintage pictures, that I did not like. An empty wall is an unhappy wall. And I also fill every bathroom wall with vintage photographs and textiles. I have painted the staircase walls mocha and now am assembling fabrics to create a horizontal wall-hanging and a vertical wall-hanging which will be hung on two walls. The horizontal wall-hanging will be hung 12 feet above the balcony landing and the Vertical wall-hanging will be displayed ascending the staircase. And so far my sketches feature no binding. The edges will be finished but with fibers and beads and will have movment in each block. Will post the progress of each block on the blog.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Blog Give-away

This is a block using some of my favorite color combos ~ raspberry, purple, lime green. These are fabric samples from a Paris fabric salesman. Ah, wished I could have bought all his sample books. Even with the Euro being equal to the dollar, when I was in LaBourboule, the fabric swatches were pricey. The fabrics were purchased in small swatches. Hope to come up with companion blocks, so this actually will turn into a wall-hanging. I don't piece with the flip'n sew version. I cut out shapes as I go and baste them in a puzzle fashion. I don't care for straight seams. I try to incorporate "flow" into all my designs. The five-sided piecing method seems to draw too much attention to the geometric, static shapes, for my tastes. Great as a learning cq piecing tool or for just doing seams, but I prefer to work with more embellishments other than thread. I "raw-edge" applique when I can, since I know I will cover the seams with embellishments. In this block I a used wire-edge ribbon gathered flower as a focal point. I took green wire-edge ribbon and twisted it tightly for a stem to cover a seam and tacked the ribbon into place with Nymo. Alas, the wire-edge ribbon sources in France are all disappearing. Now it will be more difficult to get French wire-edge ribbon.

The small millinery flowers were taken from a 1950's hat, as I hoard those hats for the flowers! Soon I will be selling vintage fabric kits with 1950's vintage fabrics and flowers for accent pieces.

I pieced this block in New Mexico at my parents home, and had a small stash, which forced me to work with what I had on-hand. Found a crochet hanky at a New Mexico junk shop and used that trim in the top right corner. What bliss! To be sitting on the cabin deck in that gorgeous New Mexico sunshine, covered with a blanket, a hot cup of coffee nearby, with the fragrance of Pinon pine and the view of watching deer graze a few feet away from my chair. Those times are never taken for granted and this block will always be a reminder of a few hours of peaceful creating. Mom always reminds me that in future trips, she will find a sequin here and there and she saves them in a small dish, as a memory of our times at the "Adams Treehouse"; where her daughter always shows up with "stitching stuff"!

Each time we send a newsletter, we will select via a random drawing, an email address from our blog posts. Even if just to say "Hi", we will have your email address to enter into the drawing. The package will be filled with RibbonSmyth trims, bits, buttons and ribbons. The winner will be notified via private email for address details. Anyone can enter and we will ship to any global address! The next drawing from this posting, will be April 5th.

Thank you!


Saturday, February 28, 2009


This is one of my "stitching buddies", Pearl. We rescued Pearl in January in freezing ice and snow from an Industrial Park where Pearl and her litter mates had been abandoned. Pearl was the only survivor. Had her vet-checked and off to our farm, for a new life of love and warmth. Three days after bringing her home, Pearl became ill. At the animal hospital, we were told Pearl would not survive the night. But she did! We made several trips a day to the animal hospital to sit in the quarantine unit, and hold this tiny kitten with ivs, laying on a heating pad; letting her know that she was not abandoned again.
Ten days later, we were able to bring our 1 1/2 pound girl home from the hospital. Pearl was named after all the beautiful black pearls we saw in Tahiti. We are smitten by our fuzzy black Pearl! If you would like to offer help for rescued animals, please visit Your daily click only takes seconds and provides bowls of food to animal shelters all over the US.

Rose Block for 2009 Wall-hanging

This is a 9" square block I designed for the 2009 ArtBra Project Wall-hanging. This year's theme, thanks to Barbara Blankenship, incorporates roses and deep rose silk doupioni mixed with other rose-color fabrics. Please visit the ArtBra Ladies Flickr to see all the blocks. This year promises another outstanding wall-hanging which will be donated to a Breast Cancer Center in the US.

The center patch is a Scalamandre silk embroidered Lampas inspired by 19th Century French embroidery. It is accented with a vintage rose lace motif. In the bottom right corner, the rose damask patch is embellished with hand-dyed pale pink and soft yellow 3/4" silk satin rolled roses accented with variegated silk ribbon, white rice pearls, a brass perfume bottle charm and a French glass flower bead.

Three Spider Web Roses at the bottom of the block were created with Sorbet RibbonRuffles with a glitter edge and accented with Marigold Rococo Lace buds.

Friday, January 16, 2009

This beadwork will certainly inspire.
The colors of the beads and the application allows the rows of beads to appear "loopy". The stitching reminds me of the stitching on some of the Indian and "Niagra Falls" pincushions I have collected. The beadwork is stitched on a dark mustard crepe silk ground.

This is a detail shot of the bottom of the mint green flapper gown. The netting is in shreds and the weight of all the beads is impressive.

Flapper Gown Green netting

This is an amazing piece of beading. There must have been a matching green taffeta slip that was worn beneath this gown. It is very heavy. It's beaded with random chains of mint green paillettes and the designs outlined with crystal seed and bugle beads. In the center of the desings are small silver-metal glass coated beads. These beads are highly desirable. I believe they are a mercury glass bead in small flat "pancake" shapes. At RibbonSmyth we sell small bags of all the flapper gown pieces and I make sure each bag includes some of the mercury beads.

Flapper gown beaded on Ivory Silk

I am always in awe of the bead work on vintage 1920 Flapper Gowns. Anytime I can find these gowns, that have seen better days, I purchase them. They are hard to come by. I photograph them for the bead designs and then cut up the gowns. I harvest the beads to use on special projects. It seems a new creation is always enhanced when using vintage beads. Some of the designs on the silk pieces lend themselves to collage work. As I inspect the beading, I'm reminded of the women and girls, that stitched tirelessly in another century, to create these gorgeous gowns. And the quality of the beading varies from gown to gown. There is nothing better than stitching with a vintage bead. The sparkle, fire, cut of the bead, is far superior to beads we can find in today's market. Now, most all tambour work is executed in India. No longer will you find tambour work taking place in the French couture houses.

Stitching with vintage beads, reminds me of where I acquired the beads. I have a chance to enjoy the "hunt" again! Because I know I will never be able to use all the vintage beads I acquire, we sell small packets of the Flapper Gown beads on our website at

Years ago, I came home from a trip late at night, to see a box at our back door. A friend, I had met at one of my Lesage lectures, had left a box of flapper gowns. What a treasure.

She had heard the Lesage lecture, where I tell about my time spent
at the House of Lesage. She thought I should be wearing a flapper gown, when giving the lecture. And when I can, I do wear a flapper gown for the lecture. The gowns are very heavy and stored rolled up in a cotton sheet. They look like a small bundle of beads and silk, but when you put on a flapper gown, the bias-cut of the fabric, drapes beautifully.

Flapper gowns are beaded using a tambour hook. The tambour hook is a small hook that creates chain stitches. One hand is above the fabric ground and the other hand is beneath the fabric ground "feeding" the bead or sequin onto the hook as you stitch. All stitching takes place on the back of the fabric. The design would be "pounced" onto the back of the fabric with chalk. The fabric would then be placed into a frame or a "metier" and then the work would begin! This particular dress is tamboured with ivory silk chain stitches and then crystal rose montees, and tiny paillettes with sequins are stitched on top of the silk chain stitch.

Pink Valentine Post Card Kit

This was a fun card to design using pink baby Ric Rac
The top patch is pink satin, which comes in the kit.
At the corners of the Ric Rac frame are small purple pearlized pearl beads that I purchased in the bead district in Paris.
The middle patch is winter white silk doupioni and the bottom patch is mauve moire.
The cards are great projects as they take a small amount of time to create but offer great results.
The Venice lace yardage in the kit can be dyed. I used it as white lace for this card. I made a small 3 petal flower with the lace and added a pearl in the center of the flower.
The small lazy daisies are 2mm gold silk ribbon.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Valentine Fabric Post Card

This 9-Piece Valentine Post Card Kit includes red velveteen, vintage image, lace, Fast-to-Fuse Card and a variety of trims to create a simple offering.

Pink Colorway PostCard Kit also available.
Please click on link above to order.