Monday, March 23, 2009

Blog Give-away

This is a block using some of my favorite color combos ~ raspberry, purple, lime green. These are fabric samples from a Paris fabric salesman. Ah, wished I could have bought all his sample books. Even with the Euro being equal to the dollar, when I was in LaBourboule, the fabric swatches were pricey. The fabrics were purchased in small swatches. Hope to come up with companion blocks, so this actually will turn into a wall-hanging. I don't piece with the flip'n sew version. I cut out shapes as I go and baste them in a puzzle fashion. I don't care for straight seams. I try to incorporate "flow" into all my designs. The five-sided piecing method seems to draw too much attention to the geometric, static shapes, for my tastes. Great as a learning cq piecing tool or for just doing seams, but I prefer to work with more embellishments other than thread. I "raw-edge" applique when I can, since I know I will cover the seams with embellishments. In this block I a used wire-edge ribbon gathered flower as a focal point. I took green wire-edge ribbon and twisted it tightly for a stem to cover a seam and tacked the ribbon into place with Nymo. Alas, the wire-edge ribbon sources in France are all disappearing. Now it will be more difficult to get French wire-edge ribbon.

The small millinery flowers were taken from a 1950's hat, as I hoard those hats for the flowers! Soon I will be selling vintage fabric kits with 1950's vintage fabrics and flowers for accent pieces.

I pieced this block in New Mexico at my parents home, and had a small stash, which forced me to work with what I had on-hand. Found a crochet hanky at a New Mexico junk shop and used that trim in the top right corner. What bliss! To be sitting on the cabin deck in that gorgeous New Mexico sunshine, covered with a blanket, a hot cup of coffee nearby, with the fragrance of Pinon pine and the view of watching deer graze a few feet away from my chair. Those times are never taken for granted and this block will always be a reminder of a few hours of peaceful creating. Mom always reminds me that in future trips, she will find a sequin here and there and she saves them in a small dish, as a memory of our times at the "Adams Treehouse"; where her daughter always shows up with "stitching stuff"!

Each time we send a newsletter, we will select via a random drawing, an email address from our blog posts. Even if just to say "Hi", we will have your email address to enter into the drawing. The package will be filled with RibbonSmyth trims, bits, buttons and ribbons. The winner will be notified via private email for address details. Anyone can enter and we will ship to any global address! The next drawing from this posting, will be April 5th.

Thank you!