Sunday, December 31, 2017

Happiness and Health to each of you for 2018!
It's 9 degrees here as we get ready to go into the country for a warm meal, wonderful music and a bit of sparkling something.
Wonderful day to review our blessings and gifts from 2017.

This is an oil painting I did in November,  of the family farm bell and our side yard. The photograph was taken last year in February. I used the painting for this year's Christmas card. Oil Painting, what a wonderful challenge!

A big thank you too, to each of you, that visited our Etsy site in 2017. Thousands of yards of silk ribbon found new homes, all over the world! Grateful!

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

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Friday, September 1, 2017

Find an assortment of 4mm and 7mm silk ribbon, as well as vintage items, and an assortment of embellishments at my Etsy site at !  The  above small collage is a section of a crazy quilt block using satin silk ribbon dyed with my RibbonSmyth rayon dyes. Beautiful non-toxic dyes for cotton, rayon and silk. Beautiful, vintage results guaranteed!

Saturday, March 25, 2017

SCALAMANDRE SILK THREADS ~stitch with history

I have about 15 colors of Historic SCALAMANDRE SILK THREAD from the historic fabric house in New York. SCALAMANDRE has created carpeting, fabrics, wall-paper coverings for most of the famous historical  mansions in the US. The White House is designed with reproduction pieces from SCALAMANDRE. The silks are selling quickly. Grab a couple of skeins while I have them. Each one yard skein has approximately 130 one-yard silk strands. I do hand-embroidery with 3 silk strands in my embroidery needle, to create beautiful satin stitch work. Currently stitching a denim jacket with large silk flowers, using these threads.  The silk is from Brazil and dyed at the Queens plant.  The luster is amazing. $4 a skein.

Vintage Charm and Tape Measure Statement Necklace

I created this piece using Rollo chain and a vintage measuring tape, with glass beads and turquoise accents. This has a series of small metal "measurement" charms.  Fabulous!

Amethyst rock and Silver Beads Necklace

This is a gorgeous necklace using polished Amethyst stones and silver Native American inspired beads. This is a great statement piece. 32" in length.  All are vintage elements purchased from a jewelry warehouse in New York. They sell vintage stock collected since the 1960's and are currently in the process of closing. Can't resist the finds!

Santa Fe Necklace with rosary beads

Using vintage elements,  this is a new necklace I've designed, using rosary chains, leather cord, rocks and silver beads. This looks fabulous with denim. Jewelry pieces can be purchased at

New Floral Shell Buttons at our Etsy Site

These shell buttons are beautiful in person! 1 1/4" in diameter, each has a floral design. These have always been popular for crazy quilts, fabric books, purse accessories and wearable arts.
And Only $3  at

Monday, February 27, 2017

Vintage Ticking Fabric Heart with Silk Ribbon

This 8" heart is heading towards its new home in New Jersey.
Using vintage ticking cotton fabric for the heart, the center image , one of my  RibbonSmyth vintage images is fused to the center of the fabric. Our fusible images are available in our Etsy store. I added one of my floral Mother of Pearl buttons and surrounded the little image with yellow 7mm silk ribbon stitches and small metallic beads,  then finished with 3 small shell buttons. This piece will now be with 4 other hearts. I send a heart annually, to a friend, to honor the passing of her husband.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Vintage cotton heart made with ticking and laces

This is a sweet little heart using one of my fusible vintage images, my rayon dyed tape and lace bits from my Etsy Site - RibbonSmyth. I love recycling old cotton ticking. This little heart is 8" and being send to a dear friend in Connecticut. I have the heart hanging from an old tool box, that is hanging on the stone wall in our loft bathroom. Have to make more! Valentine's Day will be here quickly!

Laundry in the Fog 16"x20" Oil Painting

This is a large oil painting that will be finished by tomorrow. It's from a photograph I took last week of clothing  hanging on the line during a foggy day. Found this scene on an old country road. This oil painting, will be in an exhibit in New Jersey beginning February 4th. Love to paint. The rewards are wonderful!

Monday, January 9, 2017

Vintage Fusible Images with flower beads on my Etsy Site

If you enjoy using vintage images on your Crazy Quilt Blocks, we have my most popular images images packets with beads. My vintage images are printed on fusible white cotton muslin. Simply iron on, and then embellish. These have been a hit. More images are being loaded on to the Etsy site - RibbonSmyth, so you will have plenty for holidays and special occasions.  Image size are 2"x3".

Book Pages created with vintage images and Lace

One of the best collage experiences, is to make a fabric book. Stephanie Novatski helped with the base fabrics and creations of the base pieces, while I had all the fun using some of the collected laces that sit in overflowing tubs, and embellishments that have been gathered for two decades. Stephanie inspires and is very talented. 
The theme was a series of quotes and beautiful vintage women images from the 1920's.
These books are addictive. I'm designing one right now for my sister.
Would you like an heirloom  book of your own, using your old photographs, printed onto fabrics  and my materials?
Contact me for a quote at

Felted phone case with vintage rosary bead chain ~ on Sale in my Etsy Shop!

iPhone case! This was great to create. The base is an old wool blanket. Using my Embellisher, I used layers of FiberFusion, lace from an old 1950's dress and then some of my hand-dyed rayon ribbon, to create a flower.  The case is finished with a 1950's glass bead earring "flower center"  with a brass filagree bee, that was once a brooch. I've added vintage copper rosary bead chain for a purse strap. The case was designed to accommodate  the size of an iPhone 6S. One-of-a-kind, small "statement" pouch, on sale at my Etsy shop - RibbonSmyth.

Felting is the best!