Sunday, April 11, 2010

Silk Ribbon Embroidery transfer pattern

This is a design I created for a wearable with the intention of having a spray of ribbon "flow" onto the collar.
Even though this pattern is 12 years old and my silk ribbon skills were "young", this beginner pattern would look great on a jacket. In cleaning out my office, it was fun to discover a notebook filled with projects I have created for manufacturers and magazines.


Fiesta said...

are you selling this? Is it easy to do??

Vickie said...

Hi Fiesta, The pattern is simply a photo of something I designed quite awhile ago. Silk Ribbon Emroidery is so easy to. I have one of my books on my website and you can purchase "The Complete Guide to Silk Ribbon Embroidery" features step-by-step photos and many of the same projects. The book can be ordered at

Thank you!


Embroidery said...

In this section you will see embroidery training videos on how to apply what you have learned in the Embroidery Basics section. You will see how to hoop the individual items, place them into the embroidery machine, embroidery the design and go through the process of finishing the items. You will learn to hoop the garments flat as well as get the opportunity to see hooping devices. As I have stated before, you must learn the basic principals before you can move on. It really does make the learning process much quicker when you understand the basics.