Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hanky Heart Cushion

This is a small heart cushion made with vintage Hankie Pieces. I added several small rosettes made with 4" of  pink 1/2" ombre ribbon. I added some pink butterfly organza ribbon and finished the collage with pink variegated velvet leaves. I then added 4mm silk ribbon stitches over the seams. Then stitched some pink leaf garland into place and added 4mm silk ribbon French knots among the leaves. I took the same 1/2" pink ombre ribbon and twisted it to create a the  trim couched on top of the eyelet lace. The lace is a piece from our  RibbonSmyth Assorted Lace  Packages. The back of the cushion is covered in vintage raspberry silk velvet.


craftirn said...

Beautiful. I love it! So delicate. I have a lot of hankies and want to create beautiful projects too.

Victoria Adams Brown said...

Barba -just starting a project with vintage hankies; is the first step to a wonderful piece. I made this little cushion for a friend who was moving into her own condo and starting a new life. She has an appreciation for laces and vintage fabrics.