Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Heart-shape pillow with butterfly garland detail

I love, love adding three-dimensional pieces to the surface. This is a close-up of the little heart cushion I made using the vintage hanky assortment pack from RibbonSmyth. Something great about working  with vintage hankies. They are the staple for Shabby Chic aren't they? I used 5 small quarter pieces for the cq heart. What is great about the butterfly garland is that the butterflies are attached to shear wire-edge organza ribbon. This allows the butterflies to "flutter" among the design. Simply twist and curl the ribbon and tack to the surface ground among the little gathered rosetess. Add velvet leaves to the collage for a 3-D cushion.
This pillow has been made for a friend as a birthday gift. She enjoys vintage as much as I do and will appreciate the 1950's hanky cushion.


Annie said...

Hi Vickie!...I am new to your site and happy i found it!...Beautiful things!...Please tell me when i can find those little white beads that you used on this heart...I have looked all over and can not find any!...Blessings to you...Annie

Vickie said...

Hi Annie,
Thank you for your kind words. The little rice pearls can be purchased on our site in the outlet store at www.ribbonsmyth.com

Annie said...

Thank you so much Vickie!...Oh my goodness...How in the world did I miss the Outlet Store??...You have everything I've been searching for!... :) ...Blessings...Annie