Sunday, December 19, 2010

FREE Freight at RibbonSmyth this week! Collages with Vintage Images

These are fabric collages I created with RibbonSmyth Vintage Images. I add a quote to the collage that fits the image.  The collage pieces are approximately 12"x14". I incorporate vintage hankies, rayon motifs, lace, and lace doilies. All the fabrics and lace pieces are tea-dyed. I finish the pieces with vintage buttons and beads. All the fabrics and trims have been collected from Mennonite estates. All these pieces have been sold.

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Our thanks for all the great customers we have the pleasure of working with!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Tree Skirt Completed

The skirt was completed with an onion fringe in a gold/taupe color.
I created a label that has been attached to the back of the skirt.
 I used a large print rose gold pink floral upholstery fabric for the back of the skirt.
The skirt is under the tree and my Mother has chosen to not put gifts on top of the skirt!

Christmas Tree Skirt with Center Fabric

The blocks have been joined together. The circle of blocks were then laid on top of different gold fabrics. I chose an upholstery fabric with a diamond pattern.

Christmas tree skirt blocks

The tree skirt is made with  eight pieced blocks using basic seam treatments.
Since the blocks were pieced while travelling, I used muslin or assorted vintage cotton tea towels, taken from my Mother's "cuptowel drawer" at their cabin in New Mexico, for a backing fabric.  Scalamandre  thread was used for the seam stitches. The thread is a nice, heavy weight; heavier than pearl cotton and mimics the threads used in Victorian crazy quilts. I used a large-eye chenille needle and only  used several stitches such as Herringbone, Feather, and  Lazy Daisy Chain.   No beads would be added to this piece.
The great thing about crazy quilting is the melding of fabrics. Some of the fabric remnants are gold silk Scalamandre pieces, taken from bolts of fabric woven for the White House. Some of the pieces are men's tie pieces, and  Japanese brocades. Next to those fabric pieces would be inexpensive fabric sample swatches layered next to Paris Couture House fabric swatches, gathered in France.  I piece blocks quickly. I assemble an assortment of fabrics, and reduce the stack by 50%.  From that stack, the fabrics are chosen for the entire tree skirt. I piece by hand or machine, but prefer hand-piecing. To select colors for a block, takes about 10 minutes.

 Where I gather the fabrics, adds to the history of the piece.  This skirt was created for my Mother and she selected the gold color-way.