Saturday, April 24, 2010

Post Card Class for Omaha Retreat July 9-11

I wll be teaching a  full-day post card class Sunday, July 11th, at the Omaha Crazy Quilt Retreat. This post card is similar to the class project but will feature silk ribbon embroidery, a small dyed motif and a Victorian Lady fusible image. We will piece the block using three colors of doupioni silk fabric. To register for the Class - please contact Holly at  Need additional info please contact me at
Beginner Level

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Silk Ribbon Embroidery transfer pattern

This is a design I created for a wearable with the intention of having a spray of ribbon "flow" onto the collar.
Even though this pattern is 12 years old and my silk ribbon skills were "young", this beginner pattern would look great on a jacket. In cleaning out my office, it was fun to discover a notebook filled with projects I have created for manufacturers and magazines.

Bucilla silk ribbon embroidery patterns by Vickie Brown

These are some designs I created for Bucilla Corp. The designs are beginner basics and timeless!

Hankie Angel

Here are beginner projects I designed 12 years ago!
This is a very simple silk ribbon design created for a project I designed for QVC. The angel is made with two hankies. Since we are selling so many hankies at RibbonSmyth, thought finding these old projects might inspire. We brought in a railroad car of hankies from China. That's allot of handkerchiefs!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Heart-shape pillow with butterfly garland detail

I love, love adding three-dimensional pieces to the surface. This is a close-up of the little heart cushion I made using the vintage hanky assortment pack from RibbonSmyth. Something great about working  with vintage hankies. They are the staple for Shabby Chic aren't they? I used 5 small quarter pieces for the cq heart. What is great about the butterfly garland is that the butterflies are attached to shear wire-edge organza ribbon. This allows the butterflies to "flutter" among the design. Simply twist and curl the ribbon and tack to the surface ground among the little gathered rosetess. Add velvet leaves to the collage for a 3-D cushion.
This pillow has been made for a friend as a birthday gift. She enjoys vintage as much as I do and will appreciate the 1950's hanky cushion.

Hanky Heart Cushion

This is a small heart cushion made with vintage Hankie Pieces. I added several small rosettes made with 4" of  pink 1/2" ombre ribbon. I added some pink butterfly organza ribbon and finished the collage with pink variegated velvet leaves. I then added 4mm silk ribbon stitches over the seams. Then stitched some pink leaf garland into place and added 4mm silk ribbon French knots among the leaves. I took the same 1/2" pink ombre ribbon and twisted it to create a the  trim couched on top of the eyelet lace. The lace is a piece from our  RibbonSmyth Assorted Lace  Packages. The back of the cushion is covered in vintage raspberry silk velvet.