Sunday, April 26, 2009

Blog Winners

All you have to do to enter ---is leave a comment, even to say hello is great, but leave your email addy in your comment, OK? Good Luck...
We have blog winners from the April Give-away. I've selected three email addresses and will continue to offer a blog give-away each month. Please be sure to leave your email address with this posting for the May give-away. We will announce another blog winner May 25th.
Again, really need those email addys to enter the drawing.

The winners are Patricia Morello, Tatting Chic and Gail M. You all will receive private emails requesting addresses. Your packages of goodies will ship the week of May 5th. This is a small way that I can express my gratitude for your visits to the RibbonSmyth Emporium.

The block featured in this posting was designed to be visually pleasing no matter what direction the block was placed. It is still a WIP needing silk ribbon work and additional embellishing but I really like using Taupe, Burgundy and Cinnamon together. I've used as a centerpiece, a beaded lace sample from a Paris Couture house, that was scavaged by dumpster diving. Or that is the story I was told when I was in La Bourboule. Again I used raw edge applique and burned the edges of some of the silk pieces. At the farm, in our farmhouse, we have a new two-story back staircase that is in need of major decorating. Never met a wall filled with vintage pictures, that I did not like. An empty wall is an unhappy wall. And I also fill every bathroom wall with vintage photographs and textiles. I have painted the staircase walls mocha and now am assembling fabrics to create a horizontal wall-hanging and a vertical wall-hanging which will be hung on two walls. The horizontal wall-hanging will be hung 12 feet above the balcony landing and the Vertical wall-hanging will be displayed ascending the staircase. And so far my sketches feature no binding. The edges will be finished but with fibers and beads and will have movment in each block. Will post the progress of each block on the blog.