Monday, December 1, 2008

Vintage Holiday Postcard

Vintage Holiday Postcard

Here is an Elegant Postcard that can be created quickly and offers a beautiful small gift. Purchase a small gold metal easel with the little postcard, so it may be displayed. RibbonSmyth has all the components! One small RibbonSmyth RicRac Pack will embellish several postcards.
Adding glitter to your card offers an "Old World Feeling" to your creation. This is an optional step.

The card measures 4"x6"
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Supply List
One Fusible Fast to Fuse Postcard shape
One French Fusible PostCard Back
One Cherub Vintage Image
One Vintage RicRac Package
One pack Victorian Miniature buttons
One tub of Antique White Gold glitter
Any type of clear-drying craft glue
One Fantastik or cotton swab
Four 6" fabric scraps
Fabric scraps or RibbonSmyth
Velvet and Doupioni Assortments
I used one gold piece of moire fabric
2 pieces of doupioni silk and one maroon velvet piece
Nymo beading thread -champagne color
4 1/2" x 6 1/2" piece of muslin
Rotary Cutter and ruler

1. Hand-piece the fabric using Nymo thread onto a piece of muslin
2. Using a hot dry iron, trim the white edge off the image and fuse the image to the pieced fabric.
3.Tack assorted ricrac and metallic trims over the seams and around the vintage image using Nymo beading thread.
4. Using a Fantastik, paint brush or cotton swab, lightly dab around the vintage image with a mixture of white glue and water. Sprinkle a tiny bit of White Gold glitter around the image and a bit on the velvet as well. Shake off excess glitter into a piece of paper that has been folded. Now pour the contents of the glitter, in the paper fold back, into the glitter container. The glitter is ultra fine and offers a gorgeous vintage touch to your card.
5. Using Nymo thread, tack two small loops of RicRac in the top right corner of the image on top of the velvet. Stitch 3 small buttons in place.
6. Place the finished stitched piece on top of the Fast to Fuse postcard shape and using a hot iron, fuse the piece to the Fast-To-Fuse using a press cloth.
7. Position the French fusible Postcard onto the back of the Fast-to-Fuse Postcard shape and fuse to the card.
8. Using the rotary cutter, trim the card to 4"x6"
9. Using metallic ricrac and thread, place the metallic trim over one edge of the postcard and stitch the trim around the card with Nymo thread taking small stitches. Allow one end of the metallic trim to overlap the other end. Tack into place and trim the end of the trim.
10. Sign your card with a Christmas greeting!

We wish you a very Merry Christmas!