Monday, June 1, 2009

Mother of Pearl Necklace

This Mother of Pearl Charm Necklace was fun to make using RibbonSmyth 1950's Vintage Japanese Mother of Pearl Disks strung onto a crocheted collar. Barbara Blankenship graciously crocheted the collar and then I added the Mother of Pearl disks using all the shapes we carry on our website. When I finished, I decided to add more of the small round disks in-between each of the larger shapes. I made the focal button using a 1 1/2" Mother of Pearl button and a piece of vintage kimono fabric. I mostly use the Mother of Pearl disks as embellishments on crazy quilt blocks, purses and wearables, but this application really shows off these great buttons. And when this is worn, it makes a soft tinkling sound, just like wearing a charm bracelet!


bejaap said...

Absolutely beautiful, a peice I would wear and cherish.

Vickie said...

thank you! i'm fortunate to have such a good friend that would share her pattern and be kind to crochet the piece for me. adding the mop pieces was the fun part!