Sunday, February 17, 2013

New Vintage Rayon Tape Selections

Vintage Rayon Tape  dyed at this studio this week!
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Dyeing any fiber is  relaxing and quite the gamble. I dye fibers and fabrics intuitively and do keep formulas, but repeating the same dyelot is impossible. (It is difficult to dye pastel shades, because I prefer strong, rich colors.)  Maybe that is why I appreciate hand-dyed fibers. I know they are exclusive and elusive to "the moment".  I sell many yards of rayon tape to jewelry designers and artists. It would be fabulous to see a collection of their pieces.
All our dyed fibers are air-dried outdoors which means 98% of my dyeing is done in the summer. We had a day of warm weather last week and all these vintage ribbons spent their day drying under the sun. Can't wait for spring.

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Denise said...

Everything you do with ribbon and thread is amazingly pretty.