Sunday, July 6, 2008

Victoria Initial Ring Bearer Pillow

This initial was stitched on a purchased pillow using the Bride's colors of teal and winter ivory stitched with the rubber stamp initial "C".
The pillow was nestled in the center of the altar and the rings rested in the center of the inital.
A matching wedding album cover made a great wedding ensemble.
The pillow was twice the length as featured in the photograph. I opened the pillow on one end, removed the pillow form and tassel trim. Measured the pillow for a length that would balance the initial, and with a rotary cutter, trimmed away the excess fabric. Then the initial was stamped to the pillow and stitched. Then I reconfigured the pillow form, inserted it into the cushion and stitched the pillow closed. Finished the pillow by reattaching the tassel trim.

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wandar-wanda said...

Hi Vickie,
your elegante pillow is beautiful!