Sunday, August 3, 2008

Ruching Ribbon

This is a primitive sketch of ruching ribbon.

Photographing the ribbon in the process of ruching is difficult to see. Use thread that matches your ribbon or my preference is to use champagne Nymo for ruching any type of ribbon.

Do not cut the ribbon. To Ruch simply begin on one end of the ribbon, at the ribbon edge, and stitch zig zags with small stitches stitching from side to side. Slightly pull the thread to gather the ribbon. When a flower has been formed, usually five petals, tie off the thread and stitch the two ribbon ends together. Or to create a ruffle or seam treatment, ruch(pronounced roosh) as much ribbon needed for the project.

I end the ruching stitch with the last stitch at the ribbon edge where I began. Check out the ruched flowers on the black velvet purse in the next post.

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