Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ringbearer Pillow

This is a Ringbearer Pillow I created using the RibbonSmyth Victorian Monogram Initial Rubber Stamps.
The 6" M initial was stamped onto white doupioni silk. The back of the cushion is a deep red moire silk.
I added four 18" 15mm double-sided silk streamers. These were tacked to each corner and could be removed after the wedding. The bows were simply added to hold the wedding bands in place. The pillow is edged with a gathered white cotton eyelet lace and a 4mm white pearl strand was tacked over the edge of the white eyelet.  The bride's colors were red and black, the colors of her college alma mater.

I first met her mother, Anita Adams White, while teaching in London. Anita is one of the most creative women I have ever met. Years ago we introduced the red-liner tape ( that now has a million different names) and glass micro beads to the creative industry. We sold kilos of beads and thousands of meters of red-liner tape at a trade show in Sacramento. No one had ever seen this product and our booths were packed.  These two items are still popular among rubber stampers and scrapbookers.

Anita is the niece of Ansel Adams. She would often tell people that we were sisters. If I'm with Anita, we are laughing. Her life story should be a "made for TV movie". It was a pleasure to create this cushion for her daughter.

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