Sunday, October 10, 2010

RibbonSmyth's Vintage Hand-dyed rayon tape

Doesn't this look like a bowl of "Creative Fun"? Since it is Fall, I dyed a few thousand yards of rayon tape and rococo lace yesterday in coordinated colorways. The dye lots are kept small and when a color selection is sold out, the dye lot is not repeated.


Ann Flowers said...

Lovely colors. Fall colors are the best. Some day I hope to try your luscious looking ribbon:)

Your dying is wonderful!

Ann Flowers

Vickie said...

Thank you! I love dyeing fibers. It truly is an intuitive thing. When you put the dye onto wet fibers, they look a certain way and then when the ribbons or motifs dry, a new colorway! The vintage rayon tapes present another challenge since I'm working with colors before I apply the dye. Makes it trickier. Love the luster of rayon!