Sunday, July 29, 2012

Metal Card embellished with a Gipsy Vintage Image

Each metal card is embellished on both sides. Once all the eyelets have been set and charms added to the piece, the entire collection will be wired together to form a book. The gipsy image is one of my favorites. Once the image was glued to the metal, I added cheese cloth and lace, which were tinted with Gilder's Paste. For an embellishment, I added the cork from the inside of a bottle cap and glued a bead on top of the cork. My favorite card so far. And the final step was Amber Shellac.


Anne said...

What a nicely embellished serie of cards! It will make a wonderful book. Congratulations.

Victoria Adams Brown said...

Anne, thank you!

Stephanie said...

Vic, all of these are just stunning!!!! I am blown away! I haven't even pulled mine out except to pack them together and put them "somewhere". Really enjoyed our workshop.