Thursday, June 27, 2013

Fabrics for new Wall-hanging

Here's an assortment of fabrics I hope to use in a  twelve-block wall-hanging. Each block is 9" before embellishing, and probably will be trimmed to 8 1/2". I found a beautiful brocade piece, at our local Mennonite thrift shop,  that is a deep maroon with a gold and lime green floral pattern, and will be a patch in each block. The additional fabrics will be gold, aubergine, and lime silk fabrics. My plan is to incorporate  a piece of brown French couture  sequin and beaded fabric,  purchased in an assortment  of  scraps, from a Paris couture house. The heavily beaded and sequined piece will be cut into smaller pieces and appliqued to the blocks. 
I've pieced two blocks and have 10 more to assemble! I hope to stitch and embellish all 12 blocks, with a few days of non-stop stitching!

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