Friday, October 18, 2013

Ringbearer pillow with vintage lace

Perhaps a poor image, but this ringbearer cushion is pretty in its simplicity. Inspired by a small vintage French pincushion, finally, I felt I had a design that would be pleasing to the bride, who   wanted a simple ringbearer pillow. The bride's mother, who has collected antiques world-wide, and has an indepth appreciation of lace, wanted a collection of her great-grandmother's laces, to be incorporated into the pillow. The bride's mother hoped by including the laces, the lace collections of the great-grandmothers and grand-mothers could be added to the wedding accessories.  Each of the laces are lovely. The laces were cleaned using Oxyclean and then fused to white silk doupioni using Mistyfuse. And a big thank you to Leonie Hartley-Hoover for sharing her knowledge on the wonder of Mistyfuse. After all the laces were fused, the lace edges were hand-stitched to the pillow top for extra security. I've have learnedd allot about silk doupioni and the grain of the fabric. Fuse Mistyfuse to the back of the doupioni fabric, prior to embellishing. The rest of the pillow was hand-stitched and a small gimp braid was sewn, through each loop of braid, to the pillow edges. DON'T use purchased pillow forms. They have no fiber-fil in the corners. Stuff your hand-made pillows.  I included a bow of ivory satin ribbon with a tiny safety pin, so the ribbon could be pinned to the pillow with attached rings. Bascially the pillow is to be carried down the aisle with no rings attached, or that is what I've observed with the last 4 ringbearer pillows that I've designed. Will add close-up shots of some of the vintage laces, before the laces "wing" themselves back to Texas. Each piece of lace, is a work of art!

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Leonie said...

So glad you have discovered the joy of using Mistyfuse Vic and hope it continues to assist you in creating gorgeous creations like this pillow.