Sunday, January 12, 2014

My first design for 2014 ~ Lime green velvet collage

What a luxury to spend a few hours designing! I started this late last night and finished it at 3 AM. The piece will be submitted as a class, to several guilds. While cutting velvet for orders, I came across this lime green velvet. I cut a piece from a silk georgette blouse, that I found at a thrift shop, to layer on top of the velvet. For a pattern, I drew a heart onto a paper bag and then laid the pattern on top of the velvet and traced around the pattern with a sharpie.

I fused a linen fabric to the back of the velvet with MistyFuse. I used linen because it was what I had just used to finish a memory pillow and had fabric scraps in the right size. The finished heart is 6"x8".

To assemble - Cut several pieces of the georgette blouse and arrange on to the velvet heart.  Then add a small strip of metal fabric to the silk pieces. Add a strip of my new rayon hand-dyed tape "Shades of Ireland" (love, love this ribbon), a strip of Peacock RibbonRuffles followed with silk ribbon embroidery using 4mm and 7mm silk ribbons. I took apart a 1920's metal bullion fringed tassel and tacked the fringe pieces into place. Then added Victorian buttons followed with seed beads and charms. For me, it is adding the old vintage bits, that create the appeal.

I used a deep emerald green damask dinner napkin for the heart backing fabric. I think I have enough of the silk georgette fabric to make plenty of class kits. What fun!

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