Saturday, March 15, 2014

RibbonSmyth Rainbow Dyed Rayon Leaf Yardage

Dyed rayon yardage, using our Rainbow dyes, formulated for rayon. After 18 years of dyeing fibers and fabric, I still enjoy every minute of the dyeing process. Dyeing is "intuitive" and no matter how I try to change palettes, the vintage colorway is the only one that appeals. Vintage shades add an elegance and softness that cannot be achieved with the hard, jewel tones that come straight out of the dye bottle. Each one of my dyed pieces are acheived with a blend of three different dyes. Any cq block automatically achieves a look of "age" with an "heirloom" quality, when creating a crazy quilt block.
   I've been collecting denim jackets in a variety of sizes, and just purchased a deep crimson silk velvet jacket. I'm hoping to embellish all the pieces and wear several while I'm teaching at the Art Is You Retreat this fall. I've a collection of laces that I hope to collage onto all the wearable pieces. And I hope this trim will work with the crimson velvet jacket. It should make a beautiful edgeing to the bottom of the jacket and around the sleeves. The trim featured above, is 4 inches wide. I want the collage/shabby chic feel for the jacket. My vision is that the entire jacket will be covered with netting from an old flapper gown, with overlays of a variety of lace and crochet pieces. All the pieces will be dyed together in a monocromatic shade to match  the lace featured above. And then the jacket will be finished with bits of small velvet ribbons and a rhinestone brooch. I can "see" the completed jacket. Now the fun to bring the piece into the physical form. I can't turn down a denim  jacket at the thrift store. I keep buying them! I hope the pieces I bring to "Art is You" will sell.  A denim jacket is simply the best base piece for collage.

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