Saturday, March 21, 2015

Lace collage Embellished Denim Jacket

This is a denim collage-embellished jacket that I made for Rengin Yazitas. It was a treat to create it for such a nice person. The last piece I designed for Rengin, was a pillow made with vintage embroideries and the pillow never arrived. I hope someone has it, and that it was not destroyed, while processing through Customs.   So this jacket is shipping via UPS and I will hold my breath until it arrives.
On the back of the jacket is a copy of an 1873 fashion plate, taken from one of my vintage magazines. I used pieces from a bodice of a wedding gown as well as pieces of table scarves and lace doilies. All were dyed, along with several yards of double-faced Swiss silk satin. I dyed some vintage velvet yardage as well. In one of the lace motifs, I stitched a small 1920's Czech turquoise bead, that I bought at a Paris flea market. I finished the jacket, by stitching a small label to the inside of the jacket.  The photos of the jacket will be submitted to several magazines for future inclusion. Now to make several more!


mary said...

just was on Rengin's site and she had on this beautiful jacket - tremendous job just lovely!! Mary in austin

Victoria Adams Brown said...

Mary, thank you!