Monday, January 11, 2016

Irreplaceable Women Fabric Book ~ Last Page

One of my favorite pages, this is the last page I finished last night. Now on to assembly and that will require a toggle or some type of closure, since the book is a bit "chunky", and I want the book to close. 
I used a strip of vintage sequin trim from a flapper gown. The camera does not capture the shimmer of the iridescent sequins. I edged the image and quote in a bronze metallic trim. The gold metal tassel is from the 1920's and difficult to see. And I also added gold metal sequins,  that I purchased while touring the factory in Lyon, France, a few years ago. The factory currently supplies all the gold metal trims, braids and epaulets for Arab countries. I was not allowed to take photographs, but it is amazing to watch the gold sequins be stamped out of thin gold plate, that began as a gold bar.

Make your own fabric book. It is loads of fun. Will get the vintage images I used, loaded onto my Etsy site at

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