Sunday, January 7, 2018

New 9-Patch Crazy Quilt for 2018

A collection of nine 10-inch blocks that have lived in a plastic bag, traveling in my suitcase for several years. The center patch of each block, is from a pair of my blue jeans. I salvaged the embroidery before tossing the jeans. I have 4 little zip lock bags that lived with the blocks. Each trip, never saw embroidery, so after unpacking them from my latest trip to Texas, these blocks are going to be finished, before I start my taxes and I start my next session of oil painting. I'm working strictly from what I had gathered for the zip lock bags. Mostly silk twist for the stitch work. I want lots of movement in the blocks and am not concerned with fancy stitches or that my stitches be perfect, which I can't do. Instead, I'm always interested in the finished vision, imperfection included!

I did a temporary lay-out of the blocks. The blocks will be butted together. I have a Scalamandre damask in gold and in crimson drapery panel, and one of those will be used for the backing. Scalamandre is known for their reproduction fabrics and wall coverings loomed for the White House. I was able to purchase some of those remnants when they closed the Queens manufacturing operation.  The edging will be a one-inch wide velvet. Can't wait to get to the assembly.

The quilt will hang in the front stairwell, where it will not suffer daylight exposure.

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