Friday, June 13, 2008

6" Victorian Silk Ribbon Initial

This is a silk ribbon embroidered "W" initial that was featured on a Carol Duval TV segment featuring the RibbonSmyth Victorian Rubber Stamp Alphabet. Stamp your fabric using water-erasable stamp pad ink, then using 6 easy stitches, embroider the initial. When the stitching is complete, simply remove any of the ink marks with a damp cotton swab. With this being the month for Brides, ribbon embroidered initials make beautiful ring bearer pillows.
A few years ago while teaching in the UK, the store owner loaned me a 17th English Garden Alphabet book. I returned to the States and created ribbon embroidery Initials for each letter in the Alphabet. We developed a Victorian Initial rubber stamp line and water-erasable stamp pad ink. I returned to Surrey to introduce the initials. These initials are a great way for a beginner to enjoy the ease of silk ribbon embroidery.
We later introduced both sets of initials to the world of cake decorating. I spent a wonderful week in the kitchen creating wedding cakes, cookies, cupcakes all festooned with initials using our Victorian Rubber Stamps. I then embroidered white vintage bridal hankies, cocktail napkins and a tea cozy. The end result was an article in Bridal Guide Magazine. The hardest part of the entire job was travelling on the train to New York for the photo shoot with multiple cake boxes!

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