Sunday, June 8, 2008

This is a PinKeep created for our latest swap at
The the theme was "Under the Sea" using two CDs for the Pin Keep. Once the "PK" was completed, I inserted glass head quilting pins in between the two stitched fabric covered CD's that had been stitched together using variegated green silk buttonhole twis.

1. I covered the CD with craft felt. Then I pieced three pieces of fabric on top of muslin, making the stitched piece one inch larger than the CD
2. I fused a RibbonSmyth mermaid vintage image a bit off-sided onto the fabric ground.
3. I used fabrics and pieces from an Aquatic RibbonSmyth fabric pack and shredded several strips of holographic organza into 12" x 1/2" wide strips.
4. I tacked those strips folded in half beginning at the top left corner and allowed them to twist and curl over each side of the vintage mermaid image. I tacked the organza with Champagne Nymo. Then I took a 12" Peacock with gold edge Ribbon Ruffle ribbon and tacked that over the organza strips.
5. On the left side of the Mermaid Images, I added assorted 7mm silk ribbon loops stitches cascading down the length of the image. Added gold seed beads into each loop stitch.
6. Tacked down lime green FiberFusion fibers beneath the image.Stitched in several little shell beads on top of the FiberFusion and then added two antique seahorses.
7. Added groupings of seed beads and rondells through-out the collage.
8. Finished with a bit of celery green Scalamandre Silk Feather Stitches.
Using the Nymo thread, stitche a running stitch 1/2 " from the finished fabric circle. Inserted the felt covered CD inside the fabric circle and pulled the gathering thread to gather until the CD was snug.
9. Covered another CD with Peacock Doupioni and then stitched the two CD together.
10. Thanks to Ani in the UK, the PinKeep swap was a huge hit!

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