Friday, January 22, 2010

Several of the blocks have been hand-pieced. I'm using Scalmandre Silk and rayon thread. The thread is a heavy-weight with a 3 ply twist. I'm using a large chenille needle. The stitches used are chevron, herringbone and feather. The thread is a rayon celery with a high sheen. I've picked out a mustard gold floral with cinnamon roses for the backing. It has a heavy weight and seems the ticket right now. But I won't know until I pull all the pieces together.


Nancy said...

Vicki, your blog is beautiful. I love the background, and so appropriate for what you sell. I cannot, however, read the name of the blog supplier. Now that I am back in PA, I was wondering if you have a retail business or mail order only?

Vickie said...

Thanks Nancy for your kind comment.
Our business is and currently an on-line business. The Emporium is open when we have classes and by appointment.

We live in Bucks County and my studio is 2300 square feet on the second level of our barn.

In the winter, we close most of the rooms due to the difficulty in heating a 200 year-old space.