Friday, January 22, 2010

Tree Skirt for my Mother

For years I've been gathering gold fabrics. For me, gold is warmth, a basic tone, that can enhance any color combination. I see gold as a neutral.

I was raised in a home, where gold was a basic staple in decorating, or perhaps it was simply the 70's and everything available in home dec was gold. I still would like to create a gold crazy quilt, altho I don't know where it would be displayed. And I'm not interested in creating a quilt to then be folded and put away. We have two cats, and the thought of a crazy quilt on a bed, seems silly. But that was the orignial purpose for gathering gold fabrics, to make a wall-hanging I could view every day.

Some of the gold fabrics are wonderful embossed silk velvet remnants from Scalamandre. I was fortunate to see the looms where the fabrics were made and was told the story about each fabric. Many were created for the White House and other historic US homes. And most are fabrics duplicated from French brocades once popular in the 18th century. A yard of these fabrics would have never been in my vision. But the remnants were reasonable and stuffed into my little car. I would be a happy girl as I headed from Queens on the LIE. Other gold fabrics collected were fabric samples from France. When Mom said she wanted a tree skirt, I said I would make her one. She reminded me that she was 79 and would really like to see it in her life-time.

The pattern for the skirt is beyond simple. It consists of 8 pieced blocks that will encircle a large piece of fabric.

I thought I could piece the blocks and take them to Germany for embellishing, but no time.

So on Christmas Day I began the simple piecing of the blocks by hand in a pretty basic fashion.

The seams are embellished with simple stitches. No beads or layers of embellishing.


Nancy said...

This is exquisite. While some gold fabrics can be garish and almost teeth-jarring, yours are exquisite, having that quality of antique gold fabrics that have been burnished with age. I hope your mother is thrilled with it.

Vickie said...

Thank you Nancy. I can't resist gold fabric and so many are garish. And they have their place too in bold pieces.

My Mother will be thrilled to see the finished piece and very happy when she gets it! lol She decorates her entire home and this year cut back her decorating somewhat; since we took them to Germany for two weeks in December. She was hoping I would get some of the blocks embellished while we travelled; so she would have the skirt for this past Christmas! Hopefully it will be sent to her before Mother's Day! lol I showed her the pieced blocks and I don't think she was impressed! lol