Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Celebrate Your Muchness Finished ArtBra

"Celebrate Your Muchness" Completed
I believe this little project is finished. I painted spools with gold metallic paint and then wrapped each spool with metallic threads. If you check out Johnny Depp's costume, he had a row of spools going across the front of his vest. I could not find the vintage hat pins, I had in mind, so made hat pins using polymer clay and then painted the clay with gold metallic paint. I am a huge fan of  Pebeo Gold Metallic paint. Thanks to all of you for checking out the pics!


angel said...

dear vickie, i loved your alice in wonderland bra. "Celebrate Your Muchness". What a talent! I would love to see your other pieces of art. sincerely, Angelclouds

Vickie said...

So glad you like the ArtBra. It was a fun piece to create! I placed it in the 2011 WTWW ArtBra calendar and there are great ArtBras in that calendar! We don't show the professional photography of the bras on the site but you can see them at