Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Celebrate Your Muchness Progress

Another Progress shot of an ArtBra that is taking too long to assemble! I do all of my design work late at night. This is an Alice in Wonderland ArtBra that will be unveiled at the Houston Quilt Show in November.
As I add additional steps to the progress on this little jewel; this shot features toadstools. The toadstool caps are made with lime green scraps harvested from a dress purchased at a thrift store. The cap stems are foam gathered from foam shoulder pads and covered in the same French ribbon I'm using for the fiddlehead ferns.  Will dye silk charmeuse for the Mad Hatter's Hat and the silk will go around the hat band. The ribbon ties will flow to the side of the bra. The Cheshire Cat will sit above the gold crown, on the "shoulder" of the ArtBra. Now to find an image a cat that I like. Tim Burton's Cheshire Cat is a bit too "toothy" for this bra.


Kerry said...

Looking good Vickie!

Cathy K said...

This is so awesome!! Hugs, Cathy

Vickie said...

Kerry and Cathy, Thank you for checking out these ArtBras.

I'll probably still be stitching on a bra, as I put the bra on the dress form at the Houston exhibit!

I have so many bra ideas ~ it is addictive!