Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Silk Ribbon bouquet with Calla lilies

This is a bouquet I created many years ago when I was designing patterns for Bucilla Corp. Christi was asking how to create Calla Lilies, so this pic is for her! This piece shows a few calla lilies and the use of 2mm silk ribbon to create violets and dianthus. To make a Calla Lily make a Japanese Ribbon Stitch in 7mm ribbon and pull the stitch to allow the ribbon ends to fold into the center of the ribbon.  6 strands of cotton floss were used for the lily center, by creating a straight stitch. And of course, RibbonSmyth carries the silk ribbon and buttonhole silk twist, used in this design. This piece was stitched on linen. The design was created free-form without sketching a design onto the linen. The linen is a lighter weight and is not my fabric of preference since the dark silk ribbon colors can be seen on the back of the fabric. This piece was framed with a mauve oval mat.


shirley said...

This is a lovely bouquet, I use a fine pelon behind the fabric to the colours dont show through from the back. i just love silk ribbon embroidery and have designed a rose which is quite firm and different.

Victoria Adams Brown said...

Shirley, great idea regarding the pellon. What would we do without Pellon?! I know your rose is lovely!