Saturday, July 9, 2011

Birthday Album Cover Work-In-Progress

The detail is lacking due to lousy photography, but there is progress! It has to be finished this week-end!
I've dyed the bridal appliques with RibbonSmyth Rainbow Dyes using the dyes - Pansy, Sadie Rose, Victorian Ross, Olivine, Brown and Antique Gold. I mix all of them to each other and use a paper towel as a test palette. I start out with light shades. After they dry, I add more dye and for some of the petals, after they dried, I came in with brown and overdyed certain sections of the petals. Then I flipped the appliques over and pressed with a hot dry iron. The dyed appliques are heat-seat and the sheen is gorgeous. 
 I'm edgeing around the appliques with a deep metallic blue, black,burgundy, antique gold seed bead. And it looks great! It helps balance the brown clothing. I started a little ribbon embroidery to see if I was going to like the combination and am happy with the "antique feel".  I'm using 1/2" wide bias-cut silk in the color Monet and making Loop stitches, Japanese ribbon stitches and French Knots. Filling in around those stitches with #028, #148 variegated 4mm silk ribbons and #32 forest green silk leaves. Will end with a cinnamon silk ribbon to balance the brown clothing. When all of that is done, will begin to add crystals.

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