Saturday, July 2, 2011

Bucks County Conservatory made with vintage barn windows

A few hours ago, these were windows stacked up inside our barn. With the aid of my husband and a drill, the windows are now a little conservatory in our back yard. I painted the windows until it became too dark and my light source were lightening bugs. I can hear the fireworks going off at neighboring farms.

Lots of work to do in the bed, but the little glass house  has a bridge to the left. Once I get it back into place, will add a "stream" of river rocks under the bridge and have the rocks meander to the pond and surround the pond and bridge with day lilies.  I will add a brick foundation for the house so the windows won't rot. To the right of the  glass house will be a little pond with a stone waterfall. And then the pond will be filled with frogs. I don't know how they know to find the water, but they do.

Now to get the muscle for digging a huge hole for the pond insert. The pond was always a piece by our back door but was removed when we renovated. We had frogs sitting on the stone waterfall and when we came to the back door, you could hear  them "squeak" as they jumped into the water. We had hauled a hollowed out tree stump and huge rocks from the back of our pasture and used those to build a  little waterfall.

Years ago, I read in a Feng Shui book, that it was good to have trickling water by an entrance. And I believe that to be true. It was great to hear the sound of water falling off the stones.


Cathy K said...

This is so romantic and clever! What a great project for this Holiday weekend. Can’t wait to see the other little projects. Hugs, Cathy

Stephanie said...

How cool is this! I'm thinking my Snow White needs one!

Victoria Adams Brown said...

Thanks Cathy, the little window house certainly dresses up a flower bed that needed attention.

The hole is needing to be a little deeper for the pond. I think we can have it looking good with another week-end of work!

Victoria Adams Brown said...

Stephanie, your Snow White definitely needs her own glass castle!