Sunday, March 4, 2012

Art Nouveau Black Block Work in Progress

This rectangle block is in the early stages of embellishing. There will also be two additional "sister" blocks. I work from the center to the outside of the design when creating collages. I don't know if there will be stitches on the seams.  It's all about the eye flowing  within the entire design.

I've used a fashion plate from 1885 for the vintage image and pulled in silk colors from the RibbonSmyth doupioni assortment pack. With those pieces, I used fabric patches from a Victorian velvet jacket, shattered lace netting, tambour-embroidered with a massive amount of black sequins, a Victorian shattered lace bodice, floral-print silk from a skirt, and the brown velvet diamonds and embroidery are from the most amazing 1930's fur coat lining. I have a "thing" for old fur coat linings.
I dyed a rayon leaf to match the colors in the vintage image, using RibbonSmyth rayon dyes. I made a mother of pearl button to match the colors of the image and tacked it into the top left corner. For balance, a piece of Ribbonsmyth moss bias-cut silk was added to the bottom corner. To tack the silk ribbon in place, French vintage black-jet glass sew-ons were added. These small diamond-shape beads have the stamp of the couture house pressed into the back of each bead. Iris tri-cut beads and black buttons will be added.
I don't know how the pieces will turn out, but the process working with black has been interesting.  

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