Saturday, March 3, 2012

Embroidery and Ticking fabric wall-hanging

How could anyone not love ticking fabric? This little stack has been sitting on the dining room table for awhile. I rarely find 6 doilies embroidered in the same pattern. I can still see the pre-stamped pattern on the pieces. I believe the embroidery was done in the 1950's with 6 strands of cotton floss and beautifully embroidered.

In our utility room, which is  laid out like a kitchen with an office, we have a large electrical panel on one wall. I continue to remark that I will make something to hang over the panel. The embroidered pieces were basted to rows of  simple crazy quilt strips. The white space in the doilies was so glaring that I've cut the doilies down to a much smaller size. Now I think I've cut them too small!  Thanks to Leonie and Stephanie...their assembly tips are greatly appreciated. 

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