Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wedding Guest Book Assembly

Once the embroidery has been completed, the silk fabric is wrapped around the album allowing an additional 1/2" of fabric to wrap to the inside of the album. Prior to stitching, I fused a lightweight fusible to the back of the fabric piece. This prevents any puckers that would result from the embroidery. I used "Crafter's Pick" thick, quick-drying white glue, and added "dots" of glue to the inside of the album. I placed the fabric edge over the glue dots and held in place until the glue dried. Trim the fabric edge and then glue ivory trim over the edge, to conceal the fabric edge. Ivory trim was also glued to the outside of the album for added embellishment. The guest album does not have a binding that will expand, although it is filled with pages that have pockets to hold shower and wedding napkins, invitations and momentos. To allow for the expansion of the album, I added silk satin ribbons, so the album can be "tied" closed.

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