Friday, July 26, 2013

Maroon13 Block One Use of Sequins

I will always be a fan of Sequins! Growing up, I remember seeing sequins on Christmas stockings. But it took an appreciation of Couture embroidery, to become enchanted with sequins! I was studying at the House of Lesage, in Paris, and our class project used copius amounts of sequins.  And when searching "Lesage" on Google, found images from this blog included.
 Without a doubt, a few sequins always add a bit of "dazzle" to a crazy quilt. The motif in the top left corner is made with an old brass button, anchored with a gold metal ball and surrounded with lime green vintage sequins. In-between each sequin, is a small ab bronze glass bead with two holes. This bead has a name, which I don't know, but the bead is most often used in creating "bugs".

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