Friday, July 26, 2013

Maroon13 Block Two of Twelve

A great exercise ~ fill up a plastic bag with embellishments and ribbons, tuck into your suitcase, and create with only the items in the bag. Difficult to do, because you are reminded of something, you left in the studio, that you wished you had.  The focus of this block was the velvet butterfly. The butterfly is made from white silk velvet and then embossed with 100 year-old German dies.  Using metallic stamp pad inks, different sections of the butterfly were "inked" in shades of broze, gold and pewter.   I tacked the butterfly to the fabric ground and then outlined with two rows of beads. In the bottom left corner is a small shabby "rose" created with a strip of Sari silk. Two silk ribbon Feather Stitches were added to create movement in the block.

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