Sunday, January 25, 2015

"Sisters" Crazy Quilt Block for 2015

With the beginning of a new year, my goal is always to produce more. During the dark, winter months, we are given time to create. To remove the pressure, I try to focus on creating one piece at a time. I'm teaching for a week in Vermont in July and plan to have several new small wall-hangings for the classes. This piece started with a collection of three RibbonSmyth vintage images. A block will be created for each of the images. Our vintage images are printed on a fusible-back cotton with a beautiful, long-lasting resolution.  I piece the block by hand, then iron the image to the block and lay-out pieces around the image and work "out" from there, with stitching and embellishing. This block will be assembled into a kit featuring celery, gray and burgundy fabrics. 

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