Monday, April 23, 2012

Tinsel Trading

If you love textiles, any visit to New York, probably includes a visit to the garment district.
The area has sadly shrunk dramatically. It seems now, fabric staples are being acquired from off-shore sources. Hopefully, in time, we will see it turn around, but that will be decades away. The picture shows a bit of metal ribbon that I buy, every time I get to visit Tinsel Trading.

 I included a post card of the hotel where we stayed. The photo features the hotel in 1923 in all it's glory. The hotel now boasts a wild, eclectic "Euro" decor that reminds me of stepping into a Dick Tracy/Jessica Rabbit cartoon. A massive crystal chandelier with large framed cartoon drawings on the walls and over-stuffed crimson velvet chairs; greeted us as we entered the foyer.
  I can't recommend The Paramount enough for its location. Only a few blocks away from Port Authority and six blocks from the garment district. An abundance of theatres on the street. Matthew Broderick was appearing at the theatre across the street from our hotel. The hotel is across the street from Restaurant Row; so dinner found us at a small outdoor trattoria.
 I was lamenting to the owner of Tinsel Trading, on how all the stores I had hoped to visit, were gone. She spent time drawing a map of the stores that had moved, so I could alter my route. Very kind and gracious of her to be so generous with her time.
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