Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Rescue feral Kitty

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This is the first photo I've been able to take of a little stray kitty living in our barn. I found him in the barn 6 weeks ago and he was painfully thin, with an injured leg. He is feral, so I cannot get close to him yet. It usually takes me a few months of spending time, in silence, with a feral kitty, every few days getting a little closer to their space as their comfort level improves. I knew if I caught him in a "pet-friendly" trap, that a no-kill shelter would not take him.  I've named him "Tripod". He has to hop wherever he goes. One back leg  is permanently positioned in the wrong direction. When we were out of town, I had the care-taker put food out twice a day and she never saw him. The first day we were back, he came out and laid on my studio stairs. Yesterday he ventured into the back pasture and was stalking something. He would have had to have "hopped" fast to catch anything, but the fact that he was trying, was my gift for the day.


Leonie said...

Tripod is getting stronger every day Vic. He is a lucky little fellow to have found you. Maybe Schmoozie played a hand in that (-:
He's a lovely fellow and hopefully soon will become more tame.

Victoria Adams Brown said...

Leonie, thank you for your sweet words. I hope he thrives. He looks like Olive. I'm see
him move around more. I would like to think Schmooz watches over our little guys, along with our menagerie we so loved, living on the other side.