Sunday, September 23, 2012

Vintage Ribbon trimmed hand mirrors

Hope these vintage hand-mirrors inspire! These are from a French collection. The 1920's vintage mirrors would have been displayed on a dresser in the boudoir. I've seen this type of mirror in different antique stores but rarely in such beautiful condition. They would have been embellished with silk ribbons and time is not a friend to silk. They are in beautiful condition and I wonder if there are new pieces mixed in with the vintage pieces. This photograph makes me want to make one. I've made similar pieces using silver-plate hair brushes. I would remove all the bristles and then embellish over the bristle surface with silk fabric, porcelain faces and trim with ribbons and beads. 


Anonymous said...

Would love to see how they look from the other side. I'm thinking these are simply round mirrors to which a stick has been added (glued?), then padded, covered and embellished. What fun!

Anonymous said...

Would love to see the other sides. Looks like a simple round mirror with a stick attached (glued?), then padded, covered, and embellished. What fun!

Victoria Adams Brown said...

The ones I've seen in antique stores, have been covered in fabric, then the mirrored was glued on with a metallic lace trim glued around the edge of the fabric. I think an oval piece of chipboard would be perfect with a wooden dowel for the handle. If the end of the dowel was notched, the chipboard oval could be glued into the dowel. Now I want to make one!