Thursday, March 31, 2011

Butterflies dyed with RibbonSmyth Rainbow Dyes

I could dye rayon motifs every day, all day long! I'm working on a You Tube Video on dyeing and these truly are motifs dyed in 60 Seconds with our non-toxic Rainbow Dyes.

What I love about dyeing ribbons and motifs, is that using them in designs, creates a piece that reflects your personal style.

Start with 3 colors of dye. I wanted the motifs to be a pastel shade. I'm always in a hurry, so no time for lots of "thinking" when it comes to my method of dyeing.  I used Antique Gold, Olivine and Lilac and brushed a bit of color onto each damp motif, allowing the colors to flow into each other. Then I placed the motifs on a paper towel to absorb the dye; so the motifs would dry in a pale tone. Let them dry, iron the back of the motif to set the dye. That easy! I place a vintage 1920's rose rose montee (rhinestone) onto each butterfly. The scanner cannot capture the brilliant flash of the rhinestone. Using vintage elements in a piece, keeps that "era-in-time" alive. I tacked down a strand of Wild Orchid  RibbonRuffles to create movement through-out the block. Then tacked the butterflies on top of the ribbon and added a bit of silk ribbon blossoms with vintage glass leaves and lucite calla lily flowers.

This is a jewel-tone rectangle block that will be a pillow for my sister. I will add a quote with butterfly inspiration, print on to fabric and adhere to the block.


sjmcdowell said...

I love the soft romantic hues that you dyed the Butterflies with.
They evoke spring although we will have some 30ish temps tonight here in GA.

Keep warm,


Victoria Adams Brown said...

Thanks Susan, I'm watching heavy, beautiful snow falling right now. Another day in wool thermals and it's April 1st! Our little daffodils are shivering!

shawkl said...

Gorgeous lace! Dying lace is such fun! I'm sure you sister will love such a beautiful pillow!