Sunday, March 20, 2011

Orchid Artistry

Thought I would share a photo of an orchid I have in our sun room. I continue to be amazed by its beauty.
And I stay in amazement that it is thriving in spite of my lack of knowledge on how to care for such a glorious plant. The sun room receives wonderful morning sunlight and in the winter months, Pennsylvania receives little sunlight, which makes us truly appreciate sunny days. In the early morning hours, I usually find both cats sleeping beneath the orchid, catching the early morning rays. Mother Nature, the ultimate Artist and what a gift!


Kathleen Pirro said...

I love Orchids too, and I can't seem to figure them out to keep them happy.

Victoria Adams Brown said...

Kathleen, I'm with you. I keep reading online how to care for them. This orchid was given to me in a large Valentine basket and every day I tell Miss Orchid "Thank you" for sharing her beauty just one more day. Just bought a French oval vegetable porcelain piece at a Thrift Store; without the lid. Will repot the orchid into this beautiful bowl.

Marie Alton said...
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Marie Alton said...

Let's try this again!

Hi Vicki ... I have this very same orchid ... aquired recently at our store.

It blooms in winter/spring ... so don't be dismayed when it starts to lose it's blossoms.

It is recommended to cut bsck each stem to just above the last bloom ... & to keep it moist but not wet ... & it should bloom again in the fall.

Hugs ... Marie

Victoria Adams Brown said...

Marie, thanks for this great info. I love this orchid and your tips are perfect. I have about 8 blooms left and when they are gone, will trim back per your advice. Keep me posted on how you and your lovely orchid are doing, OK?