Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Purple silk ribbon spray on lace with velvet leaves

This is a small spray made with the 7mm RibbonSmyth silk ribbon "Purple Please" combo pack. The base is an assortment of doupioni silk pieces and on top of that, I've tacked down a piece of a vintage lingerie lace collar. In the center of that I added a RibbonRuffles Spider Web Rose in the Wild Iris colorway. Use that #13 needle for wide fibers. I filled in around the rose with 7mm silk ribbon loop stitches. Add a bead in the center of each loop to create a great little flower. Use our lilac/mauve/celery velvet leaves tacked beneath the silk ribbon. Add a couple of beads on top of each leaf. I finished with some of our RibbonSmyth silk buttonhole twist and made a few feather stitches. Love those Jewel Tones!


MosaicMagpie said...

Purple silk ribbon and green velvet could it not be beautiful?

Evy said...

What attractive tints, and sheets have an attractive brightness once vaporized!

Beautiful day

Kathleen Pirro said...

love it!!!

Victoria Adams Brown said...

Deb, Evy and Kathleen - Thank you!