Sunday, March 20, 2011

Peach inspired vintage image on silk with lace collage

With Spring surely on its's time to gather light, romantic trims.

Here is a small collage 7"x9" using our 3/8" metallic wire-edge ribbon. This ribbon is perfect for rolled ribbon roses and I've added 4 new colors. The ribbon holds its shape making it easy to manipulate the ribbon into an assortment of gathered flowers and leaves.

I've laid peach silk doupioni, frayed the edges on all 4 sides, and then tacked to a ground of burlap. Position a vintage image in the center of the doupioni silk and iron the image to the fabric.  I'm currently working all my collages on grounds of burlap. Love the weight and the texture!

I added rayon tape around two sides of the vintage image. Then I tied a bow with the peach metallic wire-edge ribbon and tacked it down on top of the rayon tape. Made some small metallic rolled ribbon roses and tacked them to the fabric. I cut a doily in half and tacked it at the bottom of the vintage image.

I added 4mm variegated silk ribbon (Color #135) Japanese ribbon stitches among the ribbons.

Then added assorted seed beads.

This is a fun 2 hour project with a basis of enjoying the layering process of different fabrics. Then layer trims on top of the fabrics and complete with rolled ribbon flowers and beads. Buy inexpensive doilies and cut them in half. A piece of dolily that has been cut offers designs elements with the rough edges.

Have received requests on teaching collage workshops. Shoot me an email if your guild would like a class,  at


Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous and inspired piece. I love it, the layering is so awesome. Very nice!!!

Ann Flowers

Victoria Adams Brown said...

Ann, Thank you. Hope you are finding time to create!

Kathleen Pirro said...

Very beautiful. Love the colors and also the ribbon work.